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EAZY Horizontal Sliding  Screen

Eazy Sliding Flyscreen
Eazy Sliding Flyscreen
  • The Eazy Slider Window Screen (MSW) is our No1 best selling commercial kitchen flyscreen solution. 

  • Ease of operation, cleaning and access to windows makes this screen a market favourite. 

  • Rigidly constructed from Powder Coated Aluminium and fitted with our Standard Fibreglass (18x16) Charcoal mesh.

  • The mitred and screwed cornered outer frame, is directly recessed fitted.

  • The inner panes can be simply lifted in and out. 

  • Multiple pane options

  • Various mesh options are available.

Standard model codes

MSW2 - Two pane sliding unit

MSW3 - Three pane sliding unit

K1 & T10 Product Information
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