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  • What does "18 x 16" mean on the Mesh description?"
    The "18 x 16" refers to the strands per square inch thread count. This is widely used by the industry to identify a mesh product. However, please be aware the "18 x 16" refers only to the number and not the thickness of the strands. The openess factor (found on the mesh specification document) determines the thickness of the mesh, i.e the Standard 18 x 16 has an openess factor of 66% and has excellent visability and air flow properties. The 17 x 12 has an openess factor of 30%, and therefore is a much heavier and thicker fabric, which is used for strength and solar protection.
  • Are the screens available in any other colours apart from White or Brown?
    All of our screen profiles can be specially powder coated to any RAL colour, to match any existing colour scheme. Wood grain effect profiles are not available. Please be aware that the PVC accessories (end caps, hinges etc..) cannot be "painted" and can only be supplied in the standard colours. For advice please contact our Sales Team.
  • Is there any type of screening suitable for my large Bi-Fold doors?
    The PlisseFit multi door panel system has been designed specifically for the wide style continental bi-fold doors which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The PlisseFit does not use a bottom channel, and can be fitted in the recess or face fitted to the frame. Suitable for internal or external use, the cassettes are easily unmounted for storage over the winter months if required. With its multi panels the PlisseF it can easily cope with spans of up to 5 metres or more. Please contact our sales team for further details.
  • How do I clean my screen?
    It is important for the longevity of the screen to keep it clean. The aluminium frame work can be simply wiped over with a soft cloth and a mild cleaning agent if required. With the mesh dry, use a soft brush to remove any debris, then gently clean with a cloth and mild cleaning solution if needed. With the retractable screens, allow the mesh to fully dry before retracting!
  • How do I order my screens?
    Simply send us an email or telephone us with your requirements. Don't forgot to include your details etc.. We will send you an order for you to check over and confirm we have got everything right! You will find measuring guides and product codes on the screen model pages. If you have any queries or need any assistance, please contact our sales team.
  • I don't know what type of screen to use!
    If you need any advice on screen type, and/or application, please contact our Sales Team. Pictures or drawings are always handy of where you wish to install a screen. With the Flydor range there is sure to be a screen which will be suitable for your requirements.
  • Can Flydor screens be fitted outside?
    Yes, all Flydor screens are manufactured from powder coated extruded aluminium profile with rot proof fibreglass, polyester or metal meshes. With normal use the screens have excellent weather resistantance and should give you years of trouble free use. Always check the model is suitable for your application.
  • What screens can I fit in a Commercial kitchen?
    To meet with current legislation, all kitchens must have screens fitted, that are easily cleanable and do not interfere with egress! For windows, the recess fitting Eazy Slider System is perfect, if face fitting, a hinged screen with lift out hinges, (a subframe may be required to overcome window handles). With inward opening doors, the Nova or Premo HD doors mounted to the outside frame are ideal. Mesh strip curtains can be fitted to the inside for outward opening doors. For further advice please contact our sales team.
  • What screens can I use in my conservatory with French Doors?
    The Unika and Genius retractable screens are the most popular type of screens fitted in conservatories today. The screens' mesh is neatly retracted back into its cassette when not in use, and therefore any window handles shouldn't cause a problem. Small top opening window vents, are normally protected with the Unika model as the profile is neat and unobtrusive. A double retractable door screen is ideal for French Doors, with 4 models available, Unika, Genius, Mirage and Plissefit dependant on size and application. Increasingly, conservatories are being built with no thresholds on the door frames, where the surface is flat, the Plissefit is ideal with its 2mm high self adhesive bottom track. Being wheelchair friendly it also offers a zero trip hazard.
  • I have an old style wooden window with a stay at the bottom what screen would be suitable?
    A simple hinged framed screen with an additional brush strip fitted to the bottom edge is the most widely used solution. The additional brush strip would allow the stay to "stick" through the bristle when the window is being used. The T10 model is ideal for this type of application.
  • Do you have anything that will keep my pets in?
    Both the Tuff Mesh and Suntex meshes are resistant to pets' claw cuts and are very strong and durable. These meshes being thick and heavy, also act as a visual deterent. The Tuff mesh can be found in the Genius Retractable screen, and both meshes are widely available in any of the framed screens Flydor manufacture. However please be aware, that all screens are designed for insect protection, and NO screen is truly "pet proof" and a determined animal may still be able to get out!
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