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Flydor Unika Double Door Screen

Our Fibreglass PVC Coated Charcoal 18 x 16 Soffit Vent Mesh is designed to allow roof space ventilation whilst excluding insects.  It is installed on soffit vents which helps limit the condensation risk within the eaves.  This is necessary due to Building Regulations Approved Document F2 which stipulates that pitched roofs should have ventilation openings at eaves to promote cross ventilation of the roof void.


Readily available in the following sizes.

  • 50mm x 50m (Charcoal)

  • 75mm x 50m (Charcoal)

  • 100mm x 50m (Charcoal)

  • 150/175/200/250 & 300mm x 50m (Charcoal)

  • Other sizes available on request.

Soffit mesh is also available in STAINLESS STEEL, please click on link for information.

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